Latest news from our airport

Almost two months since the people of the Tees Valley took back control of their airport, I wanted to update you on the progress we’ve made so far.

Securing new flights

Utilising Stobart Group's relationships with major airlines, we're already having conversations with low cost carriers and regional airlines to attract them to our local airport. In the meantime, we're busy building up seasonal charter flights to new destinations. 

Super Break have announced flights from our airport to northern Iceland next year, including trips to the locations where many of the 'North of the Wall' scenes in Game of Thrones were filmed. 

We have also had confirmation of the schedule of Balkan Airlines flights from Teesside to Bulgaria this summer. 

Keeping our money in our area

Our 10 Year Rescue Plan for the airport is more than just securing flights to holiday destinations – we want to ensure that our airport in public ownership benefits local businesses. That’s why I have made it my mission to ensure as many contracts as possible are awarded to local firms, keeping our money in our area.

  1. Local businesses on the airport site have asked for more security patrols, so it gave me great pleasure to announce that our partnership with Tees-based Close Protection Security has been extended. 
  2. As well as the enhanced security contract, I’m delighted to confirm that we have appointed Stockton-based accountancy firm Tait Walker to complete the airport’s annual audit.
  3. In addition to that, we have asked local companies to bid for the contract to provide payroll services at the airport! Peel used to do this from Manchester, but I want a local company to do it instead.
  4. We also have maintenance, cleaning and general repairs contracts coming up. Again, I want these to go to a local firm.

A top team ready for the fight

If we’re going to make our airport the success we know it can be, we need the right team in place who are ready for the fight ahead. In addition to our partnership with Stobart Group, we’re bulking up the airport’s management team to properly deliver our 10 Year Rescue Plan.

In addition to our fantastic existing airport staff, here's the top team working at your airport on your behalf:

  • Glyn Jones - CEO of Stobart Aviation
  • Kate Willard - Director at Stobart Aviation
  • David Soley - Non-Executive Chairman
  • Phil Forster - Head of Airport Development
  • Alison Fellows - Investment Director

You can read more information about our latest appointments here.

Our airport's name will change

I promised restore not just the fortunes of our airport, but also to rename it to Teesside International Airport. As you may know, a local man who owns an advertising agency in Harrow has threatened to challenge our ability to do this because the trademark we want to register – which he doesn’t own - is similar to his. I won't allow the taxpayers of the Tees Valley to be held to ransom and I won’t be buying his rights. Our airport's name will change. You can read my full statement here.

In the meantime, we're currently in the process of giving our airport a face-lift by replacing outdated adverts throughout the terminal and re-branding Consort Aviation's building to 'Stobart Jet Centre' with a new fresh look.

There’s so much more positive news coming up. In the meantime, I’d like to thank you for your ongoing support.