A record of delivery, a promise of more

Our Airport

In January 2018, the Mayor delivered on his pledge to the people of the Tees Valley to bring our airport back into public ownership to secure its long-term future. A 10 Year Rescue Plan will now be implemented to bring the airport back to life. Highlights below:

  • Stop the airport from closing in 2021
  • Secure a new low-cost airline
  • Secure ten additional routes by 2022
  • Achieve 1.4 million passengers by 2029
  • Drive the creation of 7,600 jobs and add £420 million to our local economy each year
  • Return the airport to profit
  • Scrap the hated £6 passenger fee
  • Stop the planned 350-home development

Read the full plan here. 

South Tees Development Corporation

In August 2017 the South Tees Development Corporation was officially launched by Prime Minister Theresa May. The 4,500 acre development area represents an international-scale opportunity to attract investors and improve the economy in what is the single biggest development opportunity in the UK.

  • The first Mayoral Development Corporation to be set up outside of Greater London
  • The South Tees Development Corporation site set to become the UK's first Special Economic Area – ensuring businesses help clean up the site 
  • £208 million of new money secured from Government to prepare the site for private investment
  • 1,420 acres of land secured – an area the size of Gibraltar!
  • Compulsory purchase to begin in March 2019 to secure SSI's 870 acres
  • 25-year vision to create 20,000 jobs and an additional £1 billion a year into the local economy
  • Multi-billion pound Clean Gas Project announced
  • £250million PMAC Energy from Waste plant announced
  • Home to £650million MGT power plant – the world’s largest biomass plant
  • 100 investor inquiries from global companies wanting to base themselves on site


  • £75 million secured from the Government's Transforming Cities Fund to improve local connectivity
  • £25million to support the redevelopment of Darlington station
  • £20million to fully fund the redevelopment of Middlesbrough station
  • £8.2 million secured to improve three key road pinchpoints in Tees Valley
  • Developing business cases for a new A19 Tees Crossing and bypass for Darlington
  • £1 million investment to improve the region’s rail freight network.
  • £220,000 to help bring a fleet of hydrogen road vehicles and new refuelling infrastructure to the region
  • £4 million for the Elwick bypass, a vital new road in Hartlepool
  • £1 million to improve disabled access at Billingham Station
  • £3 million for an on demand bus service for our rural communities

New money secured from Government since 2017

Since 2017, we’ve been busy banging down the door of Government to secure extra cash for the Tees Valley. We’re only a year in, but we’re already seeing results with £360 million new money flooding into our area. Take a look at what we’ve been awarded:

  • £208 million to start remediation works on the former SSI steelworks site (October 2017, here , October 2018, here, January 2020, here )
  • £75.5 million to improve local transport connectivity (March 2018, here , October 2018 here )
  • £15 million annual payment as part of our Devolution Deal with government, worth £450m over 30 years (See here )
  • £12.8 million from the government’s Housing Infrastructure Fund to unlock two sites in Stockton and Darlington (February 2018, here )
  • £8.4 million from the National Productivity Investment Fund for three pinchpoint road schemes (October 2017, here )
  • £6 million from the DWP to launch ‘Routes to Work’ - helping 2,500 people back into work (August 2017, here )
  • £1.3 million from the Great Places Fund to support popular cultural events (March 2017, here )
  • £107million for the Centre for Process Innovation in Redcar (July 2018, here )

Investing in our communities

Together we investing your money - taxpayers’ money - so we can build that high growth, high wage, low welfare economy we desperately need. Our £588million 10 year investment plan is being delivered.

  • £183,000 for Central Park infrastructure improvements in Darlington
  • £8.3 million for the new Cleveland College of Art and Design campus in Hartlepool
  • £3.2 million for Salters Lane Ingenium Park in Darlington
  • £17.5 million for the new National Horizons Centre in Darlington
  • £7.6 million for a new dock bridge in Middlehaven, unlocking brownfield land for development
  • £7.6 million for the new Tees Advanced Manufacturing Park in Middlesbrough
  • £370,000 for the Rail Heritage Quarter in Darlington
  • £250,000 for the new Snow Centre in Middlesbrough
  • £6.3 million for the Kirkleatham Catering Academy in Redcar
  • £300,000 for infrastructure improvements between Offshore Structures Britain and Wilton Engineering in Redcar
  • £830,000 for NETA skills centre refurbishment
  • £9.7 million for the CPI Healthcare Futures Centre
  • £2.5 million for A689 Wynyard improvements
  • £1 million for South Bank Whard roundabout
  • £2 million for the Kirkleatham walled garden project in Redcar
  • £1 million for the Billingham bio-pharmaceutical campus
  • £3.2 million for Feethams grade A office space in Darlington
  • £3 million for the new open-access technology centre for MPI
  • £100,000 to kick start plans for Boho Next Generation
  • Launched a £8.3 million Sustainable Access to Employment programme
  • Established a £7.5 million Routes to Work programme to support 2,500 disadvantaged people back into employment
  • Launched a £1.3 million Apprenticeship Fund
  • £200million investment deal with the Teesside Pension Fund to support local projects
  • £12.8 million secured from the Housing Infrastructure Fund for two schemes unlocking 3,350 homes in Darlington and Stockton
  • £4.6million for Liberty's ground-breaking powder metals project, boosting our research credentials while creating good quality jobs
  • £218,000 for district heating project, allowing  James Cook University Hospital to save money on energy bills meaning more cash for patient

Supporting our businesses

Private businesses are the engine of our economy. They are investing, employing, training and exporting, and we are on their side. If we back the innovators, job creators, entrepreneurs and risk takers, everyone benefits.

  • More than 1,000 business have engaged with our Business Compass support service this year, with 700 companies electing to receive intensive face-to-face support
  • £6million of direct grant support for capital investment provided to business which will create and safeguard 700 jobs
  • A pipeline of new private sector investment of more than £3.5 billion, with the potential to create and safeguard more than 9,700 jobs
  • £13million of additional funding launched to help Tees Valley’s small and medium sized companies to grow.
  • A new service will be launched, in partnership with Teesside University and Virgin Money, to support highgrowth businesses
  • Invested £2.4 million for superfast broadband
  • More than £32million of private sector capital investment supported

Developing home-grown talent

For too long, many employers have taken the easy way out by bringing in cheap labour to fill demand. This needs to end. Employment is at a record high and more students are in good or outstanding schools. But for too long, technical excellence has not been valued as highly as academic success. This needs to change. That’s why we are investing in home-grown talent.

  • £29.5million annual fund to improve post-19 education to ensure local people are re-skilled to fill local jobs
  • £7.5million for new ‘Routes to Work’ scheme to help 2,500 long-term unemployed back to work
  • TeesValleyCareers.com launched – a £3million initiative to deliver excellent, consistent careers education across the five Tees Valley boroughs
  • £1.3million new Apprenticeship Fund to prioritise quality vocational courses in high-growth sectors
  • Over-achieved on target for Tees Valley Enterprise Advisor Network with 47 schools/colleges and 55 Enterprise Advisors signed up
  • Annual skills events engaging with over 2,000 young people from 30 different schools and colleges with 75 local and national employers, universities and learning providers